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How to B Podcast

Aug 18, 2020

The most challenging part of an investment journey is getting started. Many people begin with fears associated with losing money, making a mistake or not knowing if it is going to pay off. 

In today's episode, I talk about why investing can feel scary, and how to get over the fear.

My name is Brittany Reid. I am an...

Aug 11, 2020

We often resist systems because we believe it will take out the personal connection and organic energy of our business.

Truth? Systems support you to be more intentional and organic in your business.

When you have the processes set up in a way that feels good (I understand it’s sometimes hard to figure what that...

Aug 4, 2020

This episode is an audio version of my IGTV I did on my Instagram. I popped on to share about systems and processes that support your inner rhythm in business.

Often times we avoid these because we fear that it won’t be intentional and organic. But these support the organic and intentional energy in your being so you...

Jun 16, 2020

In this episode, I talk about my thought on types of niches and industries that are on the rise and going to grow. I believe that these niches will become more common and not looked like a woo whoo topic anymore. 

My name is Brittany Reid. I am an Online Business Mentor, Kundalini Teacher, and Podcast Host: How to B...

May 26, 2020

As the name suggests, this episode is all about why and how to stop comparing yourself to others. We have to understand that everyone's journey is different and we get to choose how much money we make.  How much someone makes does not always mean she/he is happy.

It is so important to release the comparison, judgment,...